Organization Services in Boise, Idaho

Getting organized isn’t just about being able to find things more easily or saving time.  It really can enhance many aspects of your life!

Organization will reduce stress and allow you to truly enjoy your space.

By eliminating unnecessary things, you will be able to enjoy the things you do genuinely want, use, and love!

Room to Breathe Professional Organizer Jessica Kline will work with you to create custom organizing solutions for your home or office.   From a messy drawer to a cluttered room, or even an entire home or office, we will help you get your space organized!

  • Analyze and organize the different “zones” that make up your home
  • Declutter “problem areas”
  • Streamline and organize closets
  • Maximize storage spaces
  • Create filing systems for mail and documents
  • Organize at-home work spaces
  • Organize kids school papers, art work, and play areas


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