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By Christopher Belshaw

10 solid questions on existence and Death makes us re-evaluate approximately one of the most vital matters we ever need to face.

  • Addresses the elemental questions that many folks ask approximately existence and death.
  • Written in an attractive and simple kind, perfect for people with no formal historical past in philosophy.
  • Focuses on normally contemplated concerns, equivalent to: Is existence sacred? Is it undesirable to die? Is there existence after dying? Does lifestyles have which means? And which existence is best?
  • Encourages readers to contemplate and reply to the human condition.
  • Features case experiences, thought-experiments, and references to literature, movie, song, faith and myth.

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It’s known as the Epicurean view of death. But why believe it, and how, if at all, could they argue for it? 32 10 Good Questions about Life and Death GQAC03 32 02/14/2005, 03:40PM It connects with, and arises from, a pair of quite general beliefs which they both held. First, Epicurus and Lucretius were atomists – long before there was any scientific support for such a view, they believed that all that there is in the universe are particles of stuff, combinations of such particles, and the spaces between the particles.

Either in frustration or because it’s no more than it deserves, you pulverise it. Even though you end up with a handful of dust, for the atoms remain, the TV, the phone, are there no longer. This, for atomists, is how it is for us in death. Second, they were also hedonists. That can seem a loaded term, and even today we still sometimes talk of an Epicurean as someone given to high living, fine wine, rich food, luxury. But although there’s some connection, hedonists aren’t simply crude pleasure seekers.

But this view is hard to swallow. It’s hard to see how the differences between human lives, especially the differences between persons and non-persons, are merely superficial, and that there is beneath them something of equal value, or equal worth. And it may even be tempting to echo the near blasphemous thoughts of David Hume, in his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, and to think that if God really did make us all in his image, then he’s not much of a craftsman. Perhaps these arguments have more merit than I’m suggesting, or perhaps religion has other things to say that might explain why killing human beings is always wrong.

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