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The Art of Chess

This can be a thoroughly unabridged reprinting of the final revised version of the main recognized common research of chess ever written. ready by way of an early twentieth-century grasp, it used to be designed to educate the newbie and the intermediate participant near to every little thing he had to learn about openings, center online game, and finish online game.

Beating the Anti-King's Indians

King's Indian chess gamers experience do-or-die strategies, yet no longer each opponent desires to cooperate. a few are looking to bore the pants off you with the trade edition, or the London approach. Others opt for your throat with the 4 Pawns assault, whereas a few easily confuse you with the Trompowsky. Take middle, for GM Gallagher has supplied you with all you must recognize.

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Ke7·d6 54 Kd2·c3 S S b 3-b4 a5xb4+ 56 Nd3xb4 Na7-c7 S7 a4-aS Nc7·b5+ SS Or 62 ... Nb S 63 Kc3·d3 Kd6-e6 59 Kd3-e 3 Nb5·a7 60 a5-a6 Na7·b5 61 Nb4-c6 Nb5-c7 62 Nc6-b4 Ke6-f5 Kf2, followed by Kg3 and fH4. 63 a6-a7 Kf5-e6 64 Ke3·f2 h 5·h 4 65 f3·f4 g5xf4 66 Kf2·f3 Black resigned. My nerves proved a little sounder in this game. What probably helped were those hours I spent in the fresh air out on the river bank ! S4 Ho me Analysis Game 12 L. Szabo Dutch Defense M. Botvinnik Budapest, April 1952 - A year after my match with Bronstein, my playing form still showed no im­ provement - as the Budapest tournament, held in the spring of 1 95 2, unfor­ tunately confirmed.

9 Ba3xe7 Qd8xe7 r n Nf3-e5 Bc8-b7 Nb8-d7 Nf6xd7 1 1 Nbl-d2 12 Ne5xd7 13 e2-e 3 If Black's pawn were on f7, the game would be even ; but here, despite all the foregoing simplifications, White maintains a small positional advantage precisely because that pawn is on fS : the weakness at e5 may count. 13 .... Ra8-c8 c6-cS Nd7-f6 14 Ral·c l 1 5 Qd l-e2 Black has managed to get all his pieces out, but White's pawn position still gives him the nod. Bb7xd5 16 c4xd5 This lets Black exchange off the bishop which covers White's king position ; however, this is achieved at the cost of some weakness in his own queenside.

Now Black's game is quite lost. 41 RaS·a7 1 The sealed move. White brings the rook to a better position, preparing for the advance of his passed pawns - and, more importantly, securing himself a­ gainst any unpleasantness stemming from an attack on the knight at d 3 , in view of the reply Ra7-d7. 41 . Rc2-a2 The threat of Ra7-d7 is unpleasant. Simplification favors White, as it would allow his king to advance unhindered to the queenside, to aid his pass­ ed pawns. Therefore, this move must be prevented, if only temporarily.

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