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it sort of feels to be the customized to assert a couple of phrases to the general public, whilst providing a suite of Chess difficulties, and this tradition I shall presently avail myself of. The stratagems contained during this publication are a range from the numerous difficulties composed by means of me, and released over the last six years in the entire major journals and magazines at domestic and out of the country.

i don't declare for my difficulties any especial or remarkable profundity, nor do I intend to set myself up as a rival to different Chess authors; yet i think that any Chess-player who takes the difficulty to seem via my booklet, will find in it entertainment and delight.

i don't faux for you to supply tricks on development, or to put down dogmatic ideas in challenge paintings.

In end, I should nation that i've got consistently been taken care of with the best courtesy through each Chess Editor with whom i've got corresponded, with, I remorse to assert, one awesome exception.

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Vhat is the . move.? 58 . • Black"s Eleve11tl1 Black moves his King one Move square fonvard, to get out of check. " vVhen a Knight checks, the Knight must be captured or the King must move. 1-Iere Black could not cap­ ture the Knight and the King was forced to move to the only square on which he is no longer in check. Black's llth move is '�King to King 3"' and is written: 11 . • K-K3 Before turning the page, examine this position carefully and see if you can select White's next move. Note that Black's King is hemmed in by vVhite's forces.

The forces defe11d )'OU n o r are of the game� the main exercise tl1eir power try . }'Ot1r opponent that y·ou threatc11 to cap­ the pieces for action,. ceeds, a move game contin11es with the players moving alternately. tin1e may either player move twice in succession, or no must Then 13lack makes against made wl1ich the players are combi11ed a re game pro­ lau11ch to a11 attack the onslaugl1ts of tl1e en em)1" At all times, tl1e players bear in mind tl1e fh1al a11d all i1nporta11t .. objective-the his O\\rn ne11t�s tempt cl1eckmating of tl1e King, attempts Ki11g.

Of cours e, if only one n1ethod is possible> he inust get out of check by the only available means� 31 CHECKMATING TH E IF check and it is impossible to get him out of check by any of the three methods described on the previous pages, the King is checkmated and the player thus checkmated has lost the ganie. ted and has lost the ga111e. A typical checkmate is pictured in the photo above. 1-Iere the 'Vhite King is ""mated" ( the shorter ter1n is con1monly used ) . J OVE out of check: The only square to \vhich the King c an 111ove is the corner square an d here the King \vould still be in check by the Queen.

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