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By Theodore F. Niehaus

Here are descriptions and illustrations of 1,492 species from seventy seven households - nearly the entire wildflowers discovered from British Columbia to Baja California, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Grouped by way of colour, each one species description contains box marks, dimension, habitat, diversity, flowering season, and customary and medical names.

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Of South Africa. Johnson, E. R. L 1984. Taxonomic revision of lsoetes L in western Australia. J. R. Soc. W. Ausl. 66: 28-43. Karrfalt, E. , Hunter D. M. 1980. Notes on the natural history of Stylites gemmifera. Amer. Fern J. 70: 69-72. Keeley, J. E. 1982. Distribution of diurnal acid metabolism in the genus lsoeles. Amer. J. Bot 69: 254-257. Lycopodiatae • Lycopodiaceae Keeley, J. , Osmond C. , Raven J. A. 1984.. Stylites, a vascular land plant without stomata absorbs carbon dioxide via its roots.

Not solely consisting of the reflexed, ± modified leaf margin but opening towards the margin 2 20 Keys to the Families of Fern Allies and Ferns - Sporangia placed on and indusium laterally arrached to free or reticulate veins, the indusium opens laterally on the laminal surface (rarely pronouncedly towards the costa) 5 2. 119) - Veins free, or if anastomosing, without free included veinlets 3 3. alIiaceae 4 - Petiole non-articulate at the base 4. Spores monolete, with prominent perispore; petiole with two vascular bundles (except in very small species); stem scaly 5 _.

Lamina simply pinnate, free-veined Plagiogyriaceae - Lamina simple or bilobed, reticulate-veined Cheiropleuria (p. 69) 4. Veins free, also in sterile leaves 5 10 - Veins anastomosing at least in the sterile leaves 5. Fertile leaves "skeletonized", i. e. the laminal parts consisting (nearly) only of the veins 6 - Fertile leaves not "skeletonized", laminal parts present beside the veins, though sometimes reduced as compared to sterile leaves 7 6. Stem long-scandent or creeping; veins not joined by an Polybotrya (p.

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