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By De-Yuan Hong

Codonopsis and its allied genera, are a bunch of vegetation that are very important in financial system and horticulture. A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera (Campanulaceae s. str.) deals its viewers accomplished wisdom of those vegetation together with palynology, cytology, inhabitants biology, morphological description, geographical distribution with vouchers mentioned, first-class ink illustrations, and colour images, and keys to genera and to species.

This first-class paintings will facilitate id of appropriate crops, use of plant assets, evaluate of endangered states, the advance of conservation ideas, and may advertise systematic and evolutionary learn of this group.

  • Provides entire descriptions and classifications of Codonopsis and allied genera
  • Richly illustrated with line drawings and high quality colour photographs
  • Delineates and clarifies the relationships of Codonopsis and its allied teams in keeping with the analyses utilizing information from exterior morphology, pollen morphology, chromosomes, and molecular biology

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Lumina striate, with length/width over 5. Radial walls wider than lumina, smooth, without secondary ornamentations. In transection radial walls elevated, tangential walls depressed, radial walls as wide as cell cavity. Observed samples: Codonopsis lanceolata (Sieb. ) Trautv. and C. ussuriensis (Rupr. ) Hemsl. (Figures II 2: 4, k–p). In addition, two incompletely known types were observed. They are both confined to alpine mountains of the Himalaya. We have not obtained mature seeds though we made two expeditions to S Tibet.

For example, Codonopsis lanceolata and C. ussuriensis both possess a winged seed with the wing at the distal end of hilum. Correlated with this is the phyllotaxy of the two species. Their leaves are alternate, but nearly always there is a distinctive verticil-like group of four or three leaves aggregated at the tip of each branch. A new section for these two species based on the two correlated characters should be justifiable. It is clear from our extensive observations, that the seed morphology in Codonopsis and allied genera of the Cyanantheae is species-specific, and more importantly it may serve as a generic marker in some cases, or sectional markers in the others.

The above data show that pollen grains are polytypic in the Campanulaceae s. , but they are basically uniform within genus. Erdtman was wise when he stated “for several reasons, including pollen morphological, the subtribes of Campanulaceae - Campanuloideae do not seem to be homogeneous. Thus eastern and southeastern Asiatic species belonging to Campanumoea, Codonopsis, Cyananthus, Leptocodon and Platycodon are characterized by pollen grains with elongate apertures. ” Erdtman’s work and his statement should be heuristic, but, unfortunately, plant taxonomists did not listen to him.

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