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By Jonathan D. Sassi

This e-book examines the talk over the relationship among faith and public existence in society throughout the fifty years following the yankee Revolution. Sassi demanding situations the normal knowledge, discovering an important continuity to the period's public Christianity, while such a lot prior stories have noticeable this era as one during which the nation's cultural paradigm shifted from republicanism to liberal individualism. concentrating on the Congregational clergy of recent England, he demonstrates that all through this era there have been americans excited about their company future, conserving a dedication to developing a righteous group and assessing the cosmic which means of the yankee scan.

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43 Probably some aspiring ministers would be reluctant to cross their colleagues’ wishes and endure the kind of treatment meted out to Bancroft and Goffe. It was by means of such unofficial coercion that the local associations could enforce their will. Besides trying to control membership in the standing order through either the formal mechanism of licensing or the informal power of shunning, the ministers of the Brookfield Association had also pledged to “quicken one another” with the goal of being “more successful” in ministry.

62 They delighted to show how God could foil human intentions. Henry Cumings noted how British actions sometimes had seemingly unintended consequences, but which were actually intended by Providence. ”64 For the generation that lived through the conflict, the Revolution was anything but expected, predictable, or mundane. Rather, to make sense of it all, ministers delved deep into sacred meanings. They connected the Revolution to their most elemental foundation of understanding, their providential faith.

During the colonial period, it had presented a rising challenge to Congregationalism with an aggressive missionary campaign in and beyond New England. 22 In the immediate post-Revolutionary period, churchmen struggled to reorganize themselves as the Protestant Episcopal denomination and stanch the hemorrhaging of the war years. Intradenominational disputes over ecclesiastical restructuring largely preoccupied their energies. It was not until 1789 that Episcopalians hammered out a compromise among their regional and ideological factions.

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