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By Mašán, Peter, Fenďa, Peter

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Computational models of visual processing

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50 PART | A Predators Results indicate that the relative payoff sum rule can become predominant in the population when contesting against other rules, including the linear operator. This is especially the case in groups larger than 10 individuals, which may explain why my earlier simulations in smaller groups often failed to find a clear winner in pairwise contests. A weakness in the linear operator rule, as described above, resides in the fact that once the value of an alternative gets to zero, this alternative effectively disappears from the choices available to a forager.

Indeed, the negative effect of group size on scrounger use was only documented for smaller food patches (Fig. 5). I also explored another consequence of modelling scrounging in a s­ patially explicit world. Attraction to feeding conspecifics temporarily i­nevitably increases the density of foragers in certain parts of the habitat. This ­spatial concentration of foragers may make scrounger use more likely for two reasons: (1) the travel time to nearby food discoveries will tend to be small and (2) foraging interference between producers all searching in a restricted area will reduce their payoffs.

The value of game theory lies in providing a framework to analyse interactions among individuals when the best course of action depends on the choices made by everyone else. Such models are most often used heuristically to uncover broad principles but when payoffs can be documented empirically, nothing prevents testing quantitative predictions from game theory models. , 1991). Vickery et al. consider N foragers exploiting patches of food each containing a fixed number F of indivisible items. The finder of a patch can obtain a items (0 < a ≤ F) before the first scrounger arrives.

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