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I further proposed inviting five strong foreign grandmasters to the new event and selecting the five best Soviet players, arguing that this would be a real test of our strength and good training. Obviously here too there were objections. It was easier to select ten to twelve Soviet players than five-each master had his own supporters. However, as a rule, Krylenko did not take account of egotistical interests. He sent me for negotiations to Kosarev-with the support of the Central Committee of the Komsomol it would be easier to get authorisation for the tournament (considerable expense was involved).

The lecturer, Nikolai Pavlovich Vino­ gradov, went through his theory with us (there was the Cremona diagram and the Vmogradov diagram) and each of us made a summary. Then there was the difficult project with no time for mutual assistance 1 We all did well in our studies. In the summer of 1931 we did our practical at the Dnieper Hydro­ electric complex. I went to the technical department, where I was given the task of calculating the temporary jumper (temporary transmission line) on wooden poles.

The aerodrome at that time was in high grass full of dew, and we got wet through. The planes were antediluvian-Junkers (JUG 3) of corrugated metal, cloth I-2's and R-l's. Of course we didn't fly in them, but merely washed them and rubbed them over. In the camp, for the only time in my life, I played three simultaneous blindfold games and didn't experience any difficulty in doing so (at that time Krylenko banned blindfold play, and in the USSR this prohibition applies for public exhibitions. The point is that a master plays blindfold below his usual creative level, and it might do harm to his health.

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