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By James C. Lin

This entire and topical quantity provides a couple of major advances on many fronts during this zone of analysis, rather emphasizing present and destiny biomedical purposes of electromagnetic fields.

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Leeuwen P. , Hatzmann W. , 2001b , Assessment of intra-uterine growth retardation by fetal magnetocardiography, in: Biomag2000 Proc. 12th Int Conf on Biomagnetism, pp. 603–606. T. , 1999, Noninvasive in utero assessment of PR and QRS intervals from the fetal magnetocardiogram, Early Hum. , 54(3), 235–243. , 2002, Amplitude of the P and QRS components of the fetal MCG in normal and fetal arrhythmia subjects, in: Proc. 13th Int. Conf. on Biomagnetism, H. Nowak, J. Haueisen, F. Gieszler and R. , VDE Verlag GMBH, Berlin, pp.

In case this gradiometer is exposed to a uniform magnetic field, the net flux coupled into both coils of the flux transformer is zero. Hence, the flux transformer is sensitive to sources close to the pick-up coil and insensitive to sources far away, as these will render almost uniform magnetic fields. In other words, gradiometers attenuate environmental noise generated by sour ces that are far from the pick-up coil. First-order gradiometers have been used in a large majority of SQUID magnetometers produced to date.

The digital flux-locked loop maintains its Fetal Magnetocardiography 19 locking while the change of flux at the working point is in the range ± 0 . As soon as the change of flux is out of this range, the electronics releases the locking and allows the working point to slip towards the adjacent zero crossing, which is one period away in the flux-tovoltage characteristic. The digital flux-locked loop counts all events of relocking and adds or subtracts (depending on the direction of the slipping of the working point) one flux quantum.

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