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By Guglielmo Cinque

One of many world's prime syntacticians offers facts for finding Adverb words within the specifiers of particular sensible projections inside a singular and good articulated idea of the clause. during this idea, either adverbs and heads, which encode the practical notions of the clause, are ordered in a inflexible series. Cinques state-of-the-art thought means that the constitution of ordinary language sentences is way richer than formerly assumed.

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In (120a), the place adverbial (containing an indefinite DP) is in the scope of the time adverbial containing a universal quantifier. In (120b), it is the other way around: (120) a. He attended classes every day of the week in a different university, b. He attended classes in each university on a different day of the week. A similar case is in (121), with place and company PP adverbials: (121) a. He attended classes in each university with a different friend, b. He attended classes with each friend in a different university.

At two o'clock has P. ' vanligvis 'usually' > allerede 'already' (150) a. Klokken to har Per vanligvis allerede spist. 'At two o'clock has P. ' b. *Klokken to har Per allerede vanligvis spist. 'At two o'clock has P. ' allerede 'already' > ikke lenger 'no longer' (151) a. 92 'P. ' b. 93 'P. ' ikke lenger 'no longer' > alltid 'always' (152) a. Jon aksepterer ikke lenger alltid var invitasjon. 'J. ' b. *Jon aksepterer alltid ikke lenger var invitasjon. 'J. ' c. *Jon aksepterer ikke alltid lenger var invitasjon.

Kayne 1975, 27, n. ' b. Il a bien du se comporter. (Cardinaletti and Starke 1994, n. , of a movement relation). 49 This suggests that order subversion is not an automatic effect of movement, but only of a specific type of movement. A comparison of the preceding wh-movement case and the French case just mentioned suggests that only movement to Spec CP allows for order subversion among adverbs. But the Germanic Verb Second languages provide evidence for a certain qualification of this conclusion.

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