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He had called her a fool and said that fighting was the only way to stay alive in a cesspool like Sanctuary. But how could she explain it to him? Terrel was his brother-surely Cade knew about his brother's crippled hands. How could Cade forget? How could he continue to embrace violence? She and Terrel had con- sciously rejected it, and rejected it for their children. She wasn't stupid, though. She knew he continued to teach Toth when- ever she wasn't around. The bastard. Toth worshiped Cade. For him, his uncle was a great warrior from one of the tales he'd once heard Hakiem tell in the Bazaar.

I, yes. He ... " "A little. He didn't like the Rankans"-her voice got softer-"but he wasn't really involved, not in a ... " but it was too much and she could say no more. "I'm sorry," he said again. "Neither of us like Rankans. Mother al- ways said they killed our father. " She dared to look up, but couldn't meet his steady gaze. "Terrel, he-" She stopped. Could you talk of love to such a man? Cade stood up. "I will get my things. " She just nodded. "Good. Sarah, we will talk later. I am here.

A gang that now ran a third of the drug trade in Sanctuary. So. It had all been there, easy to read, once you saw the pattern. Now Cade had to find the Sharp Side, and find out who had given the orders. Why they'd given them. And then he'd make them pay. Casually he strolled across the bridge, giving no outward sign of the fast beating of his heart, his disgust and agony, his despair. Slowly he headed toward his old house, his inmost self creating an ineffective shield against the world that passed before his eyes.

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