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By Kirk Schriefer

The United States From Apple Pie to Ziegfeld Follies is a 4 e-book sequence of reproducible low point ESL/EFL/Literacy analyzing and dialogue texts. every one unit examines a component of the yankee event that would really curiosity and tell not just immigrants to the us but additionally novices in another country who need to know extra concerning the humans, background, geography and tradition of this nice country. even though the passages are restricted to an uncomplicated point of language hassle, their type is still bright and genuine. Readers can be encouraged via the braveness of Harriet Tubman, awed by means of the great thing about the Grand Canyon, interested by the paintings of the F.B.I., and stunned via the occasions surrounding Watergate. booklet 4: occasions A: The Alamo B: Boston Tea occasion C: Civil conflict D: melancholy Years E: Elections F: Farming G: Gettysburg tackle H: ancient vacations I: Interstate street method J: Jefferson Burr Election Dispute okay: Kennedy Assassination L: Lunar touchdown M: Mardi Gras N: New Deal O: Oscar evening P: Prohibition Q: Quartering Act R: Reconstruction S: great Bowl T: Thanksgiving U: Underground Railroad V: Vietnam struggle W: Watergate X: XYZ Correspondence Y: Yahoo Land Fraud Z: Ziegfeld Follies

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