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Издание представляет собой уникальный каталог произведений декоративно-прикладного искусства американских индейцев. Здесь представлено все, от амулетов и идолов, одежды, обуви, посуды, до луков со стрелами, томагавков и … даже детских люлек. Отличные фото дадут самое лучшее представление о культуре аборигенов Нового света. Каждая фотография дополнена описанием предметов, указана их цена.

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400-600 228. Pair of African Carved Wood Ibeji Dolls, Yoruba, both depict largeheaded women, with traces of red pigment, ht. 9 in. $400-600 232. Two African Carved Wood Ibeji Dolls, Yoruba, stylized women with large heads and detailed coiffures, ht. 9 in. $300-400 229. Pair of African Carved Wood Ibeji Dolls, Yoruba, both depict men wearing European shorts, with a single brass ring attachment, ht. 9 in. $400-600 233. Two Yoruba Carved Wood Ibeji Dolls, a male form wearing shorts and a female with pointed coiffure, ht.

African Carved Ivory Masquette, Lega, the stylized form with pierced eyes and mouth, ring and dot on the forehead, with fiber off the bottom, traces of red pigment, mask ht. 4 3/4 in. 206. Ekoi Carved Wood Headdress, carved in two pieces, in the form of a human head with horn projections to the sides and elaborate twisted coiffure, black and white pigments, ht. 21 in. $1,500-2,000 Provenance: Parke-Bernet, New York, October 15, 1977. $800-1,200 204. Dan Carved Wood Bird Masquette, the hollow oval form with metal rimmed pierced eyes and animal hair off the lower beak, ht.

17 in. $200-300 250. Ashanti Carved Wood Stool, in the form of a stylized elephant, (cracks), ht. 10 1/2, lg. 17 1/2 in. $250-350 251 251. Rare African Carved Wood Stool, Songe, the female figure on a circular base, with wide flat feet, rectangular scarification on the abdomen, the stylized head pitched forward with elaborately looped arms supporting a square seat, glossy dark brown patina, ht. 24 1/2 in. Provenance: Frank Crowinshield, New York, John Graham, New York, 1940s, Arthur Rothenberg.

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