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The Art of Chess

It is a thoroughly unabridged reprinting of the final revised variation of the main well-known common learn of chess ever written. ready by way of an early twentieth-century grasp, it was once designed to educate the newbie and the intermediate participant as regards to every little thing he had to find out about openings, heart video game, and finish video game.

Beating the Anti-King's Indians

King's Indian chess gamers enjoy do-or-die strategies, yet now not each opponent desires to cooperate. a few are looking to bore the pants off you with the alternate version, or the London approach. Others opt for your throat with the 4 Pawns assault, whereas a few easily confuse you with the Trompowsky. Take middle, for GM Gallagher has supplied you with all you want to comprehend.

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Ke5. XABCDEFGHY 8-+-mk-+-+( 7+p+l+-zp-' 6-zp-+-tr-zp& 5+-+PmKp+-% 4-+R+-+-+$ 3zP-sN-+-zP-# 2-zP-+-+-zP" 1+-+-+-+-! xabcdefghy The best position for a king is the central squares. Also the king works best with pawns. So the white’s king has an ideal position now. It is in the center; it supports the d5 pawn and attacks the f5 pawn. Rb4 attacking the pawn. Rc4 55 XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+-+-+( 7+p+lmk-zp-' 6-zp-+-tr-zp& 5+-+PmKp+-% 4-+R+-+-+$ 3zP-+-+-zP-# 2-zP-+N+-zP" 1+-+-+-+-! xabcdefghy Due to the active king white is dominating.

A King Works BestWith Pawns! It doesn’t matter whether it’s your pawns or your opponent’s ones. A king is a very suitable piece to attack opponent’s pawns or to support your passed pawns. Let’s take a look at an example. 51 Shirov A. – Karjakin S. XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+-+-+( 7tR-+lmk-+-' 6p+r+-zpp+& 5+p+-+-+p% 4-+-vL-+PzP$ 3zP-zP-+P+-# 2-zP-+-mK-+" 1+-+-+-+-! xabcdefghy White: Kf2, Ra7, Bd4, pawns: a3, b2, c3, f3, g4, h4. Black: Ke7, Rc6, Bd7, pawns: a6, b5, f6, g6, h5. It’sWhite’s Turn White certainly has an advantage: he is up a pawn and has more active position.

One of the main winning plans in an endgame is to create connected passed pawns. As you know, the main way for a win in an endgame is to promote a pawn. Single passed pawn often doesn’t have enough power to become a new queen. Connected passed pawns have great chances to bring you a new queen. It is very difficult for your opponent to stop connected passed pawns. It is quite hard even to sacrifice a piece for 2 connected passed pawns. Let’s imagine that there is no pawn on a4 and black has 2 connected passed pawns.

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