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He comments further on the same page: In this understanding, rights to welfare are balanced by the rights of other people. Through the criminal law, government requires that citizens respect the rights and properties of others. Similarly, 16 Individualization and the Delivery of Welfare Services diversion, requires that welfare claimants respect the taxpayers, who fund their aid. At least for claimants with alternatives, the policy aims to restore the situation before the welfare state, where people were forced to labor simply by necessity (Mead 2005, 174).

In the early 1990s the Canadian federal government radically devolved responsibility for welfare services to 24 Individualization and the Delivery of Welfare Services the provinces in what was already a highly regionalized as distinct from a centralized federal system. Such devolution has had the effect of making the contemporary politics of welfare service provision relatively invisible in national debate. 6 The radio show was broadcast on Radio One by the CBC, May 30 2007; it is called ‘The Current’ and the interviewer is Anna Maria Tremonti, and I am reporting my notes on my listening to the show.

In Chapter 3, I discuss how a societal orientation to knowledge of subjective life has developed an idea of the self that permits the older idea of selfpreservation to assume a substance it could not otherwise have. In Chapter 4, I explicitly address the conception of the self as the subject of welfare; while in Chapter 5, I address the contrary conception of individualization—the idea of the will as the subject of welfare. In Chapter 6, I show how the idea of the self as the subject of welfare Introduction 23 opens up a conception of the service delivery relationship as intersubjective process.

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