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A discrete filter realization such as for example a ladder filter is one possibility. Another possible solution is to make an opamp-RC filter such as for example a Sallen and Key filter, a leapfrog filter or a CGIC filter. Yet another solution might be a MOSFET-C filter topology where the resistances are now realized by MOSFET transistors. Also a gm-C filter is possible realizing for example biquads or gyrator-C filters. The latter two types are better integration candidates with respect to the first ones.

5V supply voltage. The goal is to obtain a transconductor that can be used in the example filter described previously. 895mS. The third-order harmonic distortion of the differential solution should be at least 40dB and the output conductance at least A netlist is constructed for the initial simulation and for the LPF configuration. The Matlab tool uses these netlists and just adds parameter declarations and retrieves specifications by parsing the simulator output. Next the cost is calculated. For example the cost for the required gm is calculated as: 42 To the basic set of requirements some other costs are added that ensure for example that no transistors are in the subthreshold region or that the input and output common-mode voltage are the same.

The main concern is not to apply in-band attenuation in one section and amplification in a subsequent section. 28 In Figure 5 an example of a gm-C biquad section is shown. Also the realized transfer function and the state-space representation is shown. Given the transfer function to be realized, the values can now be determined. 4 Optimization step At this point, a solution exists that realizes the desired transfer function, but this is maybe not yet a solution with optimal dynamic range. Next the dynamic range (DR) optimization will be explained: the values of and obtained in the previous step are scaled to improve the DR.

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