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7. For example, the items on the left-hand column of the table should be read as follows: 1. ). Thus, small anions are very reactive in it. In contrast, a solvent with strong acidity easily solvates to small anions by hydrogen bonding and weakens their reactivity. 2. In a solvent with weak acidity, the solvent molecule cannot easily release a proton. Thus, the pH region is wider on the basic side than in water; some strong bases, whose strengths are leveled in water, are differentiated; some very weak acids, which cannot be determined by neutralization titration in water, can be determined.

1, it is apparent that all of the lithium and sodium halides are easily soluble in water. In PC, however, the solubilities are much lower than those in water, and LiF, NaF and NaCl are difficult to dissolve. b b In general, DGsv and DGlat have large negative values, which are, interestingly, b close to each other in magnitude. Thus, DGsv , which is obtained as the difference b between the two values (Eq. 1), is relatively small. If the values of DGsv in two b solvents differ by several percentages, its influence on DGsv may cause a big difference between the solubilities of the electrolyte in the two solvents.

91, 4422. O’M. N. (1998) Modern Electrochemistry, vol. 1, Ionics, 2nd edn, Plenum Press, New York, p. 41. , Grigolini, P. and Salvetti, G. (1985) Adv. Chem. , 62, 277. For example, Ref. [11b], Chapter 6. 27 (a) Ohtaki, H. and Ishiguro, S. (1994) Chemistry of Nonaqueous Solutions: Current Progress (eds G. I. Popov), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, New York, Chapter 3; (b) Yamaguchi, T. (1995) Molecular Pictures of Solutions, Gakkai Shuppann Center, Tokyo, Chapter 2 (in Japanese). , Palinkas, G. and Ohtaki, H.

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