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Argument constitution - the development of underlying family among a predicate and its dependents - is on the base of syntactic thought and the idea of the interface with semantics. This accomplished advisor explores the explanations for thematic and event-structural decomposition, and its relation to constitution in syntax. It additionally discusses vast styles within the linking of syntactic to semantic family, and comprises insightful case reviews on passive and resultative structures. Semantically particular and syntactically neutral, with a cautious, interrogative strategy, Williams clarifies notions of argument inside of either lexicalist and nonlexicalist methods. perfect for college kids and researchers in syntactic and semantic conception, this creation contains: • A finished review of arguments in syntax and semantics • dialogue questions and recommendations for extra examining • A word list with worthwhile definitions of key words.

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Among the verbs, there is the minor category of transitives. Only these verbs can be the sole verb in a transitive clause, with a subject and object. Among the clauses, there is the minor category of interrogatives. Only these clauses can be the object of the verb wonder, for example. Among the nouns, there is the minor category of plural. Many sorts of nouns combine with a determiner, but only plurals combine with the plural determiner these. Contextual features (Chomsky 1965) are one kind of minor category feature.

S U G G E S T I O N S F O R F U RT H E R R E A D I N G Koopman, Sportiche and Stabler 2013 and Culicover 2009 are superb general introductions to syntactic analysis. On syntax in the context of the Minimalism Program, see Hornstein, Nunes and Grohmann 2005 and Stabler 2010. For a view of syntax from a high level of abstraction, see Keenan and Stabler 2003. 1 I N T R O D U C T I O N A theory of argument structure tells us, among other things, how dependents relate to a predicate semantically. So our goal in this chapter is a preliminary understanding of semantics, in those aspects which matter to our topic.

This view has a classic source in Davidson 1967c, which builds on Tarski 1944 and Quine 1953. Larson and Segal 1995 develop a contemporary version, adapted into a broadly Chomskyan and mentalist perspective. I will not address this third view directly here, however. Most of what I say, though not all, will apply straightforwardly to a transformation of the Davidsonian view that reifies the lexical axioms of its truth theory as meaning specifications. The transformation is far from theoretically innocent.

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