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In writing the current booklet i've got had in brain the next targets: - To suggest a theoretical, complete view of the area of instinct. - to spot and set up the experimental findings on the topic of instinct scattered in a wide selection of study contexts. - to bare the tutorial implications of the belief, built for technological know-how and arithmetic schooling. many of the latest monographs within the box of instinct are customarily excited by theoretical debates - definitions, philosophical attitudes, historic concerns. (See, in particular the works of untamed (1938), of Bunge (1 962) and of Noddings and Shore (1 984).) A amazing exception is the e-book by way of Westcott (1968), which mixes theoretical analyses with the author’s personal experimental stories. yet, thus far, no try has been made to spot systematically these findings, unfold during the examine literature, which can give a contribution to the interpreting of the mechanisms of instinct. quite often the appropriate stories don't refer explicitly to instinct. even if this time period is used it happens, frequently, as a self-evident, good judgment time period.

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Theoretically, in order to build an axiomatically structured system, one has to start from a group of axioms and undefined terms. By combining them, one gets the various theorems of the system. In order to prove that the system is consistent, one has to show that no contradictions appear between the various theorems which may be produced, starting from the given axioms. But such a procedure is not efficient in practice; one never knows whether all the possible theorems have been produced. Moreover, it is psycho logically doubtful that working with, let us say, hundreds of theorems one may be sure that no contradiction among theorems has escaped unobserved.

5% of their reactions when assigning 0 to their answers. In other words, these students were very well calibrated (Sieber, 1974; cf. , 1982, p. 32 1). On the other hand, Christensen-Szolansky and Bushyhead (1 981) reported that a group of physicians were asked about the probability of a pneumonia diagnosis for 1531 patients who were examined because of a cough. Their calibration was very bad. , OVERCONFIDENCE 33 1982, p. 321). , p. 323). It has also been found that overconfidence is very high with very difficult tasks.

If we affirm that the whole is bigger than each of its parts, that every number has a successor, or that two points determine a straight line, we feel that these statements are true by themselves without the need for any justification. Descartes mentioned evidence and certitude as the basic characteristics of intuitions (Descartes, 1967, p. 7). Spinoza gives the following example of intuition. If one has the three numbers 1, 2 and 3 one may find intuitively that the fourth proportional is 6 (6 is to 3 as 2 is to 1).

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