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By Paulo Freire;Antonio Faundez

Discusses the position of schooling in freeing the oppressed humans of the 3rd international.

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Learning to Question: A Pedagogy of Liberation

Discusses the position of schooling in releasing the oppressed humans of the 3rd international.

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Don’t shy away from asking a reference librarian about where and how to look for these sources. Here are a few starting places: Electronic Databases—These have rapidly taken over as the fastest and most comprehensive way to search for articles; you can then print out full texts of articles or e-mail them to yourself to read at home later. Most databases will search thousands of magazines and journals, but each has a somewhat different selection, so it doesn’t hurt to do the same search on more than one database.

Html>. Questions to Consider 1. Why do you think that retractions and corrections usually receive much less space and smaller headlines than a new but inaccurate story? 2. If someone reported false information about the issue that you are writing about, could it be damaging to your community? How? 3. Do you know for certain that I haven’t just made up the characters of Stephen Glass, Patricia Smith, and Mike Barnicle? If you wanted to verify the truthfulness of this story, what steps could you take?

2. If you were writing about the Brisas del Caribe Garden, who could you interview? Which community members would be involved in or affected by the creation of a garden? 3. Try paraphrasing and direct quoting from any sentence of the preceding essay. How might you use an ellipsis (…) to quote it accurately but more briefly? Your Community and an Issue That It Faces PEER READING In-Class: Read and respond to the papers written by your classmates. ” After working this long on a project, it’s hard to see your own weaknesses; and the explanations that seem obvious to you may not to other readers.

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